This is Tess my latest Spaniel Puppy Flying my way


  dscn0163 dscn0168

Tess is the result of a mating between a Sussex cross Cocker & a Pure Working Cocker. As a small pup she looked more like a Sussex than a Cocker, but as she has grown on she has changed a great deal in both her looks and character which is more Working Cocker than Sussex now, this is fine as the plan will be for her to become one of my picking-up team for the shooting season.

tess loves me img_6594 tess img_6587 

img_6562 img_6565

tess img_6578 tess img_6572

tess img_6571 

The 7 photos above were all taken by Kirstie Halliday. Tess loves me and she also loves retrieving and is showing great promise for the future.