Dogs & Cats Gone but never forgotten !

The following photos and captions are about Dogs & Bitches who have been the ones who have influenced not only the Purbarn Golden Retriever line but many other lines both in the UK and Overseas. In among them are the foundation stock from the Chocdrop Spaniels that we have today. Also the Trevacat Ragdoll Cats which although we do not breed nowadays we do still keep a few of the descendents.


28th April  1997  -  10th June 2013

tucker as a pup  tucker in his youth w  at deakin tucker head  tucker 16 years 8 days

Tucker as a puppy, Growing up & in the house, Reclining on the garden bench, & just after his 16th birthday having been asleep in the wood chips [his choise].
 Tucker was the very first of the Chocdrops & has been a wonderful ambassador to this line of breeding. He was out of Ellie [Patchinghall Tess] a pure Sussex Spaniel & by Bib [Bring Um On Bib] a pure Working Cocker. (You can see both Bib & Ellie further down this page)

He was one of the most versatile Spaniels we have ever bred & we miss him each and every day, but after he got lymphoma we knew it was only a matter of time before the swollen lymph glands would restrict either his wind-pipe or his esophagus or both & although he was still getting up & taking himself for a potter round the yard, it became increasingly notable he was stating to have problems first with eating so we made him all soft food but in the end he was finding it increasingly hard to breath, particularly in the heat of the day, so we had to say Good Bye.



Purbarn Come All Over Again. SGWC

(Gilbryan Water Bailiff  JW. x  Purbarn Another Confusion  SGWC)

27th March 1999  -  4th January 2013

gaina head croped

Gaina was the first dog that Rich ever showed in the Gamekeepers classes at Crufts and she gained a 3rd the first year (2001) & the second year she won, which in turn meant that together they trod the hallowed Green Carpet in the Main Ring at Crufts. That was the start of Rich showing our dogs in the Gamekeepers classes at Crufts and he has been doing it ever since. Gaina was also shown by Rich where her & her sister Ether (shown by me) would often swap places. Gain was also a great member of  Rich's picking-up team for many years, till she damaged a tendon which stopped her both showing & working.



Purbarn Hail In The Storm. 2CC's. 1RCC & SGWC

 Ch Purbarn Xtra Thaunderstorm JW  & SGWC.  x   Purbarn Zipi Miss Minx  SGWC

14th June 2001  -  24th June 2012

hail montage

Hail was probably the most versatile Golden we have ever owned & or bred. He would Show or work for either of us although he spent more time with Rich than me & it was with Rich he gained all his accolades in the ring, which not only included his 2 CC's & a RCC, but also he won Best Gamekeepers Dog In Show at Crufts 3 times! However I was the one who got him through his SGWC, as Rich could not get away from the Shoot at the time to travel to where it was being held that year. Sadly Hail never quite made a Champion, but in our eyes he will always be a Champion !



Purbarn Come Together. SGWC

(Gilbryan Water Bailiff  JW.  x   Purbarn Another Confusion SGWC)

27th March 1999  -  11th April 2012

ether head 04 w

Ethers clame to fame was taking 1st at Crufts in the Special Puppy Class and then going onto win Best Puppy in Breed in year 2000. She did a lot of winning  over the years although she just missed her JW by just one point, but she eventually did gain her Stud Book Number and also became a valuable member of my picking-up team. she also gained her SGWC. Ether is Rain's mother.



Cheese N Chives

(Bring Um On Bib  x  Amerdown Crisp)

18th September  1997  -  10th March 2012

at deakin bandit head   after 2nd at crufts 06. [2] jpg

Bandit was a great little character & the first Pure Bred Working Cocker Spaniels by Bib. It was eventually decided in 2006 that we would take him to Crufts & I would show him in the Gamekeepers Class for Rich. He had never been to a show in his life before, but he took it all in his stride & gained a very respectable 2nd. As a Picking-up dog he excelled and would work for either Rich or myself. His clame to fame probably was being the sire of a litter of Pure Bred Working Cockers, one of which went to live with Ann Robinson of Weakest Link fame.



Purbarn Another Confusion. SGWC

(Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm  JW & SGWC.  x  Pearlbarn Confused With Purbarn  SGWC)

30th June 1996  -  15th June 2011

connie retrieving    connie stood @ deakin c  web image connie head

Connie was the most sweet natured bitch & so laid back, but in the shooting field she was amazing and often would come back with wounded game when many of the others had given up looking. She was also the first dog Rich ever showed, although it was Gaina her daughter he first showed at Crufts. Connie was the mother to Gaina & Ether but also Mea, who was born in the middle of Connie having a Pyo, amazing that either of them survived !



Swisha Valentina

10 : 12 : 1999  -  8 : 1 : 2012

tina 056 

 Tina was a lovely Seal colourpoint Ragdoll cat and the first Queen we had so the foundation to all the stock we bred. When we first got her we nicknamed her Miss Spitfire she was frightened of everyone and everything particularly Rizer & the dogs, this was not her fault she was just totally un-socialized, but eventually she did settle down. She produced some super kittens one of which was Chancy our Seal Bi-colour and another was Which a Seal Colourpoint like her mother and by Rizer. This was both Rizer & Tina's final litter together, so we could not bear to part with her as she was the only surviving kitten in the litter.



Finglewood Teazel

13 : 06 : 2003   - 13 : 11 : 2011

teazel in cattery 1

Teazel was a Blue Colour Point Ragdoll. She was bought in as she was a Granddaughter of Rizer & Tina who were our foundation Ragdolls. Sadly she never had a litter as at a young age she had to be spayed due to an infection of the womb (Pyometra) something more often seen in dogs than in cats.



Formeside Magic Night At Purbarn

(Lorinford Thunderstorm of Purbarn  SGWC  x  Catcombe Christal At Fromside)

6th January 1995  -  12th July 2009 

ribs 4  magic head by janine  magic by janine  magic+13 in 2000

Magic was amazing, at about 10 weeks she was charging about in the garden, like some puppies do & ran head long into a wall. She went into shock and had to be rushed to the Vet. Eventually it was found she had caused osteomylitis of the skull, which in turn left her with a bit of a bump between the eyes (which can be clearly seen in the head shot above), it also meant that her foreface never grew as long as it might have done otherwise, although it never affected the growth of her jaw or teeth. So she was never a show dog but she was a fantastic picking-up bitch and also produced the biggest litter I have ever had, which was 13 all born naturally & all survived ! I wrote a Poem about this birth and litter which can be seen under Puppies.



Purbarn Zipi Miss Minx. SGWC

(Catcombe Cheshire At Millgreen  SGWC  x  Fromeside Magic Night At Purbarn)

24th June 1996  -  17th July 2009

   kif_2147  minx fswimming right

Minx was a lovely bitch, but sadly she did not like showing indoors, preferring to be outside, so she was not shown a great deal but did manage to gain quite a few prizes at Championship shows including some 1st's. But she excelled in the shooting field being a member of what we fondly called the 'A Team' consisting of her mother Magic & Twig (one of the Chocdrop Spaniels). She also gained her SGWC. she was the mother to Hail.


  May 1995  - 10th December 2009

(An Unregistered Springer Spaniel)

at deakin bridie head   

  Bridie was an unregestered Working Springer Spaniel & she was only bought because she was by Brace, Richard's Black & White Working Springer , who was also unregistered. She was a great worker and although it was never planned for her to have puppies by Tucker (the first of the Chocdrop's) she had other ideas when having a blank season !  This litter produce half like their Sire being predominantly Brown & half like their Dam being Brown & White & looking just like  Working Springers. She was mother to our Truffle.



Margelite Risen Shine

29 March 1997  -  1st May 2008

rizer (no flash)

Rizer was the first Ragdoll Cat that we bought, as his predecessor Sky had been given to us. We had never planed to start breeding Ragdolls, but when Sal went off to work away from home and took Rizer with her I decided to get one to be with me, which was Tina. But when Sal came back home bringing Rizer with her we found they had other ideas [well after the initial disagreements, as Tina hatted him to start with]. But eventually they became best buddies & produces some lovely kittens together. The last one was Which, who we kept.





Ch Purbarn Xtra Thunderstorm. 3 CC's. 3 RCC's. JW. SGWC

(Lorinford Thunderstorm of Purbarn  SGWC  x   Cinmarsh Creates Havoc At Purbarn)

7th September 1994  -  27th August 2008

storm @ 9  play 1  storm and ragdoll cat  storm by lk 06 nwgrc poc

My once in a life time dog & also the first Purbarn full Champion.

Storm was an extrovert and loved to show off to the crowd & when asked to do a straight up & down he did exactly that but vertically! The photo with Sky (the Ragdoll) cat was when he was about 8 weeks old when it had been decided Storm would be staying. The mating was only done just to mature his Mother Crea. It was a total outcross, although Crea & Thunder were alike in type. So we had not expected any to be good enough for the Show Ring, but Storm just had that something about him which just kept catching the eye. He was still catching the eye of the Judges well into veteran Classes & the last time I showed him was when the last photo was taken aged 11 years.



Rosaceae Ideal Forecast At Purbarn. SGWC

(Sh Ch Amirene Pacifique  x  Rosaceae Precious Jade)

21st June 1998  -  19th September 2006


Deal was bought in as he was a grandson of Storms. He was a super dog both in the show ring and in the shooting field but very sadly he was found dead in the kennel at only 8 years old. But he left behind a legacy to be proud of, having been the sire of Ch Catcombe Corblimey, who not only took the Dog CC at Crufts, but also the following year he took BOB at Crufts. He was also sire of Canadian Champion Purbarn's Forcast Is Tranquil. Deal himself also did well at Crufts in year 2000 when he won the Yearling Class.


Purbarn Razzle Dazzle. SGWC

(Catcombe Cheshire At Millgreen  x   Purbarn Kizzie Ina Tizzie)

20th November 1989  -  6th December 2005

razz dc framed min  razz best gun d mod

Razz was another one who just missed his JW by one point, but he did a lot of winning during his show career. The one of him standing with the trophy's was when he not only took the Open Class at GRC of Wales Open Show but also Best Working, Best Dog & Best in Show + 2 other trophies, but I can't remember what they were for.  He was also a very good member of my Picking-up Team.



-  February 28th 2005

mistys mitted queen kitten 3



Cinmarsh Creates Havoc At Purbarn

(Bolberry Chaconne At Moorquest  x  Muskan Miss Demeanor Of Cinmarsh)

13th November 1992  -  10th June 2004

crea web size

Crea was another extrovert, but sadly not in the show ring, as she hated having anyone running up behind her so kept looking over her shoulder, which spoilt her movement. But in the shooting field she excelled. Her claim to fame was being a wonderful mother & producing our Champion Storm.



Bring Um On Bib

     18th September 1997 - 6th July 2002 


Bib was Richards right had man for many years & had the honour of sharing Richards bed with him, well he did till I came along & turfed him out ! The photo above was a professional photo taken when bib was well over 10 years old. Bib was along with Ellie (the Sussex Spaniel) the start of the Chocdrop line of Spaniels that we have today. He was 10 years old when Ellie came along & seduced him (up till then he had not got a clue about sex), but between 10 & 13 he made up for it with people then wanting to use him on their Working Cockers, as well as us producing 3 beautiful Chocdrop litters by him & out of Ellie. Bib would work for both Rich and I as a great member of either of our Picking-up teams & you would often hear Rich calling Bring Um On Bib from the woods, which is how he got his pedigree name.



Patchinghall Tess

13th January 1994  -  15th July 2001

   ellie & bib w  ellie 1st litter by bib  

                              Ellie & Bib in bed together.                           & this was the result !                                           

ellie having phantom  ellie in repose

                                                                            Ellie before we had her.                     Ellie in repose

Ellie was given to me by an ex boss when almost 3 years old. I had known Ellie since she was a puppy & had  always said if Jane ever decided she did not want to keep Ellie for any reason that I would love to have her. I never thought she would ever let me have her, but one day she phoned me & told me to come & get Ellie if I still wanted her. Ellie had always suffered with phantom pregnancy's & was in season when I picked her up. So Rich & I though that maybe if she was to have a litter it might stop the phantoms & if we used Bib it would give Rich the Bib baby he had always wanted, thereby killing to birds with one stone, so to speak. So that was how the Chocdrop line of Spaniels started & has continued ever since as it proved to be an extremely good combination, not only as Gundogs but also as Agility Dogs & Family Pets.



Purbarn Kizzie Ina Tizzie. SGWC

(Sh Ch Lorinford Lancelot  x  Purbarn Fiona 1 RCC & SGWC)

5th Febuary 1987  -

kizzie 1990 mod

Kizzie was a sweetheart & one of  the ones Rich used to spoil giving her tit-bits behind my back . Not only did she do well in the show ring but also in the shooting field she was an exceedingly good game finder. She was out picking up in snow when she damaged a tendon and was out of the ring for a long time, but on her return she managed to win the Veteran Class at ECGRC Champ Show.



Purbarn Fiona. 1 RCC

(Ch Okus Bucanear  x  Purbarn Elasa)

16th  May 1983  -  14th April 1999

fee 1990 head  fee jump mod  fee mod 1 less red

Fee never ceased to amaze us ! When I kept her from the litter I had planned to show her but sadly she pulled a couple of teeth out of alignment on the kennel fencing & as the judges seemed to be very hot on teeth at the time I decided not to show her, but she had great fun out picking up. But at the age of 7 it was decided she could go in a progeny Class with some of her offspring. So to get her used to the idea she was entered at a few Open Shows where she did very well. So I started showing her and she won many Veteran classes & some BVIS awards at Breed Club Shows. Then at a month under 13 years old she took the RCC at the NWGRC. Hilda James (the Judge) said in her write-up 'This old lady could show a thing or two to the Youngsters on how to move !'' She also gained her SGWC when an OAP !



Pearlbarn Confused With Purbarn. SGWC

(Purbarn Razzle Dazzle  x  Margarite Maid Of Gillbryan)

1st  June 1991  -  6th January 1998

purdie croped

Purdy was the one that brought Rich & I together. I was having difficulty getting her to pick-up & was trying to find a shoot I could take her on to get practice so I could do the SGWC with her. She did eventually get the idea with the help of one of Rich's dogs & did gain her SGWC. She became a very good picking-up dog in the end & I worked her on many different shoots in the Cotswolds. But sadly we lost her far too young with peritonitis after having an abscess in her bowl which burst. But she did give us Connie who was very like her in many ways. 



Purbarn Elsa

died in 1997

elsa sat

Elsa was Fee's mother



Lorinford Thunderstorm of Purbarn. SGWC

-  4th August 1996

thunder03  thunder mod min  thunder02

 Thunder was bought in as I had always wanted a dog from the Lorinford Kennel. He was a very well made dog with loads of potential, but as a puppy he had 2 frights on his first outing into the Showring & this caused many problems. But with perseverance he gained more confidence & won many classes at both Open & Championship Shows. His clame to fame must be to being the sire of my 1st Champion 'Storm'. Thunder never seemed to be interested in picking up anything in his youth & it was not till he was over 7 years old that the penny seemed to drop & he started by picking up a small Teddy. I then did all my training with him with Teddy's of all sizes & then we tied pheasant wings to them. It worked & he became one of my best picking up dogs who would enter the thickest of cover to pick a bird ! I eventually took him to do his SGWC which he gained at 8 years, who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks !




-  September 29th 1995

storm and ragdoll cat

Sky loved the dogs this was with Storm when a puppy



Purbarn Cinderella.

FT Award Winner

14th September 1979  -  17th February 1994

cindy 1994 mod  young cindy mod lighter  cindy bench change color min

Cindy was the first of the Purbarn stock to get us to Crufts. However she did not do it through the Show Ring, but in the Shooting Field, as at 16 months she gained her Stud Book Number by gaining a Certificate of Merit at a Field Trial. For a show bred bitch this was no mean feat ! In 1987 she won The Gold Trophy, for Best FT D/B in the FT Class at Crufts. Over the years she won many of the FT Classes at Breed Club Open & Championship Shows including The Patiala Cup at the GRC Champ Show. The head shot photo was taken of Cindy in her old age & at the time she only had one eye having damaged to other when out working. The one in the middle shows her  with The Gold Trophy won for best Dog or Bitch Golden Retriever having won the FT Class at Crufts & 10 week old Great Granddaughter Kizzie. The last was taken of her reclining on the bench at Crufts. [in those days we had bigger benches & Crufts was still held at Earls Court & we would have traveled up on the train].



Perrimay Prunella Of Purbarn

8th February  1978 -

3 prue_head_mod  2 prue_lying_mod  

Prue was my foundation bitch who is behind much of the Purbarn stock of today, including Windy who was the 14 generation down in 2011. Prue had a strong will & liked to do things her way, however she was shown with some success, although I had to show her the opposite way round as she would lean forward & I did not have the strength in my left arm to hold her back. When it came to training her for the Shooting Field it became obvious she was again going to do it her way and we never mastered directional control, so her gamefinding ability was totally natural, but she was very good at finding game !



Valjan Trudy Fair

8th September 1973

 My 1st Golden Retriever