If you think you may be interested in a PRECIOUS PURBARN PUPPY please do get in touch, we always have a waiting list.

Luna is due to have puppies in early June 2019. They are by our Shade.



 Aurora has a litter born 2nd Jan 2017,Twister is the sire.



This photo shows Aurora feeding her brood & Grandson Jacks spaniel just checking she is doing it all right !

All this litter is now spoken for & I am not likely to have another litter till 2018, as I now have nothing of breeding age. If you specifically would like something with Purbarn lines please get in touch as our Boys often have lovely ladies come to visit them. 


If you have holidays booked we can either keep the pup a bit longer or have it back when you go away.

Health Checks

All our Golden Retriever breeding stock have Hips Scored & all current breeding stock also have their Elbows Scored as well. All have their Eye Clearances for HC, MRD, GPRA & CPRA (checked annually)  + DNA tests for GR-PRA 1 & 2.

Micky our Sussex Spaniel has also had his Hips scored through the BVA & is below the breed average for Sussex Spaniels. Although there are no known hereditary eye defects in Sussex his eyes have also been checked annually  by our Ophthalmologist Vet. 

We also have all Precious Purbarn Puppies checked over by a Vet before they leave us, so to the best of our knowledge all puppies leave us Fit For Function & Fit For Life as the Kennel Club would say ! 

All our puppies start life in my office where I can keep a very carefull eye on them 24/7, plus I have a bed which I sleep on right next to the whelping box till they are about 3 to 4 weeks old. I also have a baby monitor which shows motion pictures of what is going on + I can also hear what is happening too, this is just if I have to leave the room for whatever reason.

dscn7213  dscn7281  

As they get older they have access to a big outside aria for playing in warm weather & socializing with everyone who comes to visit them and some of our older dogs too.

dscn7407  dscn7418  dscn7406dscn7438  dscn7537

 This includes our 4 Grandchildren who are great at getting the pups used to the antics of kids.

     dscn7561  dscn7643

Whether you live in the UK or overseas we like to have met you at least once before being sure you will be giving one of our Precious Purbarn Puppies the best forever loving home possible. Also we expect anyone having one of our Precious Purbarn Puppies to come & collect them in person, we won't let our pups go overseas unless the person who is having the puppy collects it personally.

Below is the litter of 11 born in 2011 out of Flury by Twister from which we kept Windy & Barni.

getting big now grandkids & pups

First feeding in the whelping box & then socializing with the grandchildren in the pen we had in our old sitting-room.

copy of rimg0162

This was the litter from Hazel by Drizzle from which we kept Flury in 2009

magic+13 in 2000

This was the largest litter we have ever had  with 13 puppies in 2000. Below is a poem I wrote while waiting for this litter to both start being born & also finish being born.


Whelping can be a long time in starting

The pups and their mum, a long time parting

The bitch can be puffing and panting and ever so fat

Which leads me on to tell you that

While you are waiting you could do the spring cleaning

Or even, if you wanted, be painting the ceiling

But apart from all the silly things you could do

Keep a close eye on her if she goes to the loo

The bitch may have a far away look in her eyes

While puffing and panting and giving big sighs

She may dig up her bed, you’ve so neatly made

Where mother and pups, you hope soon will be lade

Some lick and clean themselves  up

Especially where the pups will soon start to suck

Most bitches will wait till its quiet and dark

Or keep you awake all night, just to start with the lark

Now the bitch I have got in front of me now

Looks much like a very fat cow

Her temperature has been taken every day for a week

To note when its falling is what we seek

Now at its normal its thirty-eight point three

But now its down to thirty-six point five you see

Don’t be alarmed if this stage goes on for two days

It can be a very long drawn out faize

But if during this time a push you do see

Hopefully soon you will be dancing with glee

The time of that push you must write down

As if the Vet asks and you don’t know, you’ll feel a right clown

After more pushes your first pup could arrive

Hopefully yelping and well alive

But it can take an hour or more

And your bitch may be exhausted and sore

And if, as often is the case

All you want is to be in your usual sleeping place

Well you can forget that for quite a while

It maybe hours before you can sit back with a smile

The time now is three thirty in the morning

And I am yawning and yawning

Magic mean while has gone to sleep

But not for long so my vigil I must keep

I may leave her for a minute or two

Just so I can take a quick trip to the loo

Oh no she’s heard me and followed me to the door

But I must go or there’ll be a puddle on the floor

She’s waited for me at the foot of the stairs

And she’s giving me some anguishing glares

So back to the kitchen, she follows me ever so close

I think now I am up I’ll make some coffee and toast

Now I have had a drink and been fed

She has decided to dig up the bed

This bitch I can see

Could be hired to the confetti factory

We have news paper in little bits

So deep I can’t even see her great sagging tits

The vet bed is under the lot

 Not that she cares a got

Now out of the box and into the hall

Now back again she does not need a call

Back in the box for another digging session

I think maybe she could give the confetti people a lesson

Now out on the patio for a quick tiddle

When is she going to start pushing, that’s the riddle

She’s back and forth like a flipping yo-yo

She’s up again going to and fro

This stage has gone on for over twelve hours

Out on the patio between the showers

Back in the house and into the whelping box

Feeling her belly to see if it feels like lots of small rocks

Now its time for the rest of the pack

To go out for a walk up the farm track

Sally will watch her while I am out

I shall have my mobile so she can give me a shout

When I got back things were much the same

Also I was glad to be back as it looked like rain

I decided at about one ‘o’ clock

To get in the car for a ride round the block

A car ride might give her a ‘bump start’

So that with those pups she would part

Now this seemed to have the desired effect

All the bumps I drove over I expect

Now things were getting moving

I did plenty of verbal soothing

Now the pushes were coming thick and fast

Oh what a long wait we’ve had, but at last

Here was the first pup on its way

Its taken over twenty-four hours already I’d say

Now here comes the pup back feet first I’m afraid

Not with the first I had prayed

                                                                      Here he comes, but his big head is stuck                                                                     

Another strong push and he should be out with luck

Now here he is at long last

And the placenta has been passed

What a good size, all of one pound

Oh what a beauty a really sound hound!

Now we’ve just got to wait for the rest

I wonder if he will be the best

Now at last we have got going

Things seem to be really flowing

One after another

Here comes a little brother

Now we have had six

And there all the same sex

Please give us a bitch

Preferably without a hitch

Magic’s out on the patio for a quick whirl

Now were back in, great here’s our first girl

Here we go again tearing up the bed

If she doesn’t stop soon it’ll be over her head

Now were up to ten

She’s like an old mother hen

But no we haven’t finished yet

There’s a gush of fluid and the beds all wet

And now there’s eleven

Someone was wrong when they guessed just seven

She wants to go out for a tiddle now

She’s started to push again, Oh wow!

It’s just popped out right into the puddle

I’ve picked it up but it’s cold that’s the trouble

Get it inside for a rub with a warm towel

And all of a sudden she’s let out a howl

Now Magic you can stop, twelve is quite enough

And even if your not I’m quite out of puff

I don’t believe it here’s another push

And another pups come out with a great whoosh

Now thirteen is an unlucky number for some

But now she feels as though she’s got a flat tum

I’ve never had such a large litter

We all need a good sleep, Sally will be my baby sitter

For all she has got it didn’t take long

And nothing seemed to go really wrong

From the first push

To the last whoosh

Just seven hours that’s all it took

Now to sit back and relax with maybe a book

Well it’s been a long night, it’s now seven thirty

Magic the box and I are all rather dirty

So now its all over all that’s left to do

Is pop up to the loo

Then I can make Magic a large gruel

Then leave it for a while to cool

And if I can persuade her out of the box to eat

I might just get the box cleaned out and all nice and neat

I just hope Magic can cope with such a large brood

She will have to have plenty of extra food

It needs lots of dedication and hard work

No duties that you can shirk

But I will enjoy it just the same

It will be fun to see them have a game

When they are all big enough to go

I shall have seen them grow and grow

I shall be sad and glad to see them leave

Like all good Golden's I hope they will learn to retrieve


Food for thought

You don’t want to get caught

To do it, you must have planed everything well

 With at least a few friends to which the puppies you can sell

Think what you would do with a litter of this size

I know its not normal, I was quite surprised!

So think ahead before you mate your bitch

And if you do I hope it all goes smoothly and without a hitch.


Jenny  Frankland-Burton February  2000.

[I am now Jenny Frankland-Mace]