Here we hope you will find lots of interesting & fun photos, both past & present & some animals bred by us but not necessarily owned by us, some in the Show Ring, some in the Shooting Field & some just chilling out. [in no particular order]


            willow twig deal & minx         magic & connie         kif_0076                      

       [l to r.] Minx, Deal, Twig & Willow, picking up @ Salperton.  Magic [Muddy] & Connie            Deal, (sat) Magic & Storm.

rich salperton beemans 20034    kif_1529

                                                                       Rich with Bib Shooting @ Salperton             Brace Beanie's Grandfather after a summer trim.



Ones we bred but do not own below

walter. wilts flake x teal (2)  flicker val elliots 4  teela camoron - l henry x teal (1)  fifer henry x teal w    flicker. val elliots 1  

                                           Walter                              Flicker                                        Teela                                                 Fifer                                        Flicker                        

tazz tilston  christal (7) henry x teal  bazil - cortneys (10) by wilts flake  claires ernie (8) wilts flake  whispa ponting (8) wilts flake x teal  

                    Tazz                                                      Crystal                                                         Bazil                                                Ernie                     Whispa & Friend  

walters brother bobi wilts flake x teal  beanie

                                                                                           Bobi (the sailor)                              Benie

 dsc_1476 dsc_0011 dsc_1470 dsc_1471 dsc_0013

Not the Flying Dutchman but the Flying Dexter one of the Chocdrops excels at agility !

Other members of our menagerie 

da 2   cyclops & da w  goose crose chick w 1

           'Da' the Canada Goose Rich found & reared with the pHeasant chicks. Cyclops & Da in with Chickens. Cyclops & Da's baby with a chicken chick.

dscn2058   fantails on their dove cote w   dscn1830  

                      Quail Chicks under heat lamp in my office.              Our Fantail Doves                            Peter Peacock & 2 of the Turky's